How to Root HTC U11 with APK Apps

Running Android 7.1 Nougat which can move up to Android 8.0 Oreo, the HTC U11 is accessible in June 2017. Ground-breaking as the gadget may be, it very well may be all the more dominant and tweaked in the wake of establishing. So, learn How to Root HTC U11 with APK Apps in this article today.

KingoRoot is the best root application for Android to pick up root get to. Subsequent to establishing with KingRoot, you are accessible to modify your U11 or download numerous great applications like amusement programmers for your U11. KingoRoot on Windows have a higher succeeful rate than APK, you can attempt with it first.

Download KingoRoot Apk Here

Effectively and Quickly root U11 with KingoRoot through PC

Stage 1: Free Download the KingoRoot on Windows Software to PC

Snap the accompanying download catch, the download will be consequently. After download is finished, you can start to introduce the establishing programming.

Stage 2: Click the Icon of KingoRoot to Launch it

KingoRoot programming downloaded from authority site is 100% safe,and do’t stress over any malwares.

KingoRoot on windows online root for u11 to a single tick root your gadget

Stage 3: Connect your HTC U11 to PC and Enable USB Debugging

KingoRoot device will naturally download the driver for your HTC U11, so ensure you get Internet association and empower the USB investigating. On the off chance that you can’t interface, if it’s not too much trouble swing to “Gadget Not Connected” for help.

Stage 4: Click “ROOT” to Begin Rooting

To root your U11, KingoRoot needs to utilize the adventures of your gadget, which may take two or three minutes. Amid this procedure, Please don’t work the U11

Stage 5: Root Succeed or Failed

Expectation your HTC u11 will be effectively established by the root application of KingoRoot.

How to root and install custom recovery in HTC U11

  • The basic necessities you need while rooting your HTC U11 through TWRP Custom recovery
  • You need an ADB with fast boot commands while installing the TRWP recovery also with USB cable and your device.
  • Always make sure that the USB debugging is in the enabled mode on your device.
  • Well, charge your device as the rooting may take time and you don’t want to mess up the things.
  • You need an ADB installed on your PC with the fastboot commands
  • Check out the proper connections of your device with the PC via USB cable.
  • It is advisable to keep the backup of all your essentialities and files present on your device. As unlocking the bootloader may hamper the contents present in your HTC U11.
  • Steps to install TWRP custom recovery on your HTC U11

How to install TWRP custom recovery on your HTC U11

  • In the initial stage download the image of TWRP custom recovery. You can rename it for the better installation process.
  • Now, you have to move the image to the ADB folder. Which can be Program Files>Minimal ADB and Fastboot.
  • Now, make the connection of your device with the PC and allow the permissions on your device.
  • Select the open command window at this in parallel to the ADB folder and type cmd in the address bar. Now press enter.
  • Here, at the ADB command window simply type the command and get the device list.

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ADB Device List”

  • You can proceed further on seeing your device.
  • There can be chances when you won’t be able to find your device. This can be a general error in the USB connection failure or the driver issue.
  • You can type the command for booting your device in the fastboot.

How to download ADB reboot

  • On this moment your HTC U11 device should start reboot in the fastboot You should check that your device is connected to the fastboot mode. For this, you can enter the command given below.

Fastbooting your device

  • On finding your device just enters the below-given command to flash the TWRP custom recovery image file.

“flash boot flash recovery (image name)”

This process should not take much time. On completion, you can root the device with a single command and reboot it manually.

Steps to root HTC U11

After the successful installation of the custom recovery in your device, now you are free to root you’re the HTC U11. There are also variable options in this segment but the Magisk system less Root is the leading options which promote the apps for Android Play, Snapchat ++ etc.

  • In the initial stage download the above section and forward that in your HTC U11.
  • Now, connect your HTC U11 with your PC to open up the ADB command interface. For this, you have to use the command for booting process with TWRP Custom recovery.
  • “ADB reboot recovery”
  • When the prompt shows TWRP recovery then press “install”
  • Go to the Magisk zip and further select it.
  • Simply swipe right to install it
  • After the Magisk gets flashed, promote will display “Reboot System”, now select this option.
  • Install the Magisk manager APK
  • Get the rooted HTC U11 as your desire

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