As content is the soul of any website in the same manner SEO is the soul of any content. Without a good and proper SEO, a website cannot rank in any search engine. The use of well optimized keywords in content enhances the quality of content and its ranking in Google search very easily.

Now, it’s the time of digital marketing and everyday thousands of people search on Google about it. Everyone wants to learn and know SEO.So, Seo is responsible to take your website into top-notch and keep you up above all competitors. It increases the visibility of a website, generate traffic, conversion rate, and Return on Investment. Thus, focus on SEO and definitely you will get good ranking in search engines.

What a good content writer should do?

A better content writer should always be familiar with SEO, digital marketing, and plenty of things for user traffic. It is the vital marketing technique which includes many other marketing assets used to promote a brand, product & services through SEO. As you know, digital marketing is the source of content consumption, social interaction, news, consumer exposed etc. In this era, everybody is being digitalized and use latest technologies. So, if you thinking to create a brand then it is better to spy on your competitors and creating a good quality of content.

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What are the two different types of SEO?

There are two major parts of  SEO strategy which includes On-page & Off-page. On-page enhances visibility and user traffic on a website and also involved activities that make a website Search Engine friendly. It applies some techniques like a website should always have a good UI having recommended a density of keywords in content and meta description etc. On the other hand, off – page is about link building, website promotion and making changes in the website. Always remember that a link should be built with trusted and well-known site.

As compared to other marketing techniques, SEO is pocket friendly. It is always provided with a fix paid services by many digital agencies. Thus, an effective SEO definitely work and improve ranking of a website. Nowadays, using mobile is very common and it has now become an important factor in digital marketing. You can’t ignore mobile SEO to get good amount of visitors. Now, there is enormous tough competition to make a website visible in search engines and therefore, comes the use of best SEO techniques to drive more organic traffic on a website and get good return on investment with minimal investment.

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However, it is not easy to get user traffic on a website so easily but SEO always ensures its probability. You can say, SEO is an art to enhance website in search engine results page. Therefore, a constant work on SEO always brings success. And traffic from social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. also increases the chances of a website to rank better on SERP and due to all this SEO is always trusted and used by Digital Marketers to get organic traffic to a website.

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